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Arbor Doctor offers the best in tree disease control in all of your trees. Our staff are trained ISA professional arborists.  We do not offer tree trimming or tree removal services.  If you are looking for these services check out our referal page to contact one of the areas professionals that we trust will do a good job.

Arbor Doctor uses the least invasive technique on the market from Arbor Systems.  The injection leaves a hole that is the size of a pinhead.  This is extremely valuable when working with trees that do not heal wounds like palm trees.  We are specialists off all trees including palm trees.  You can learn more about palm trees at our palm trees page.  Our company prides itself on eduacting our customers about current problems or potential fatal issues related with the trees within their landscapes.  
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California is one of the greenest states in the united states so it is only fair that we give to you the green methods of treating trees for dieseases.  Wee stress using good practices to keep from constantly injecting chemicals into trees that could harm our earth.  Proper maintenace with fertilization and proper watering techniques along with landscape changes can do so much for the health of your tree.  Arbor Doctor's specialists can help you with these practices and get your tree on the path to good health.

While sometimes injection every year may be the only way to keep a tree healthy it is important to know that the injections we do are all systemically passed through the living layer of the tree and no chemicals are dumped in or around the trees.  This makes our method the safest around water areas, animals and areas where children may play.

Arbor Systems is not the only product line we use though.  We have found that other products produce better results on certain diseases.  With over 20 years of experience in treating trees for diseases we have found some practices work better and we only use what gives the best results and what is most beneficial to the health of the tree.
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